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Beauties of Cyprus


Cyprus has been inhabited, based on Archaeological discoveries, for the past 5,000 years, since the early Bronze Age. The ancient inhabitants used to live in organised communities and the first form of dwellings were single rooms of circular design or square with rounded off corners, mud built huts and hamlets with thatched roofs.


Since then the form of housing styles has drastically changed with the influence of the various cultures that were introduced by the civilisations occupying and/or settling in Cyprus. The most important of which, through the ages, was the Greek Classical era with their decorated temples. The new architecture consisted of austere planning arrangements using carved local limestone masterfully place in exact symmetrical proportions and with the addition for the first time of internal sanitary spaces such as lavatories and bathrooms.


Later on we have the Byzantine influence with their domed Basilicas and in the Middle Ages the Genoas and Venetians with their Gothic style and heavy fortifications using again local limestone and sand stone.


Finally a more oriental influence arrived with the occupation of the island by the Ottoman Empire.


The last half a century the Islang has finally become independent and therefore the people have been choosing more and more Western methods of constructions and buildings complementing the biodivercity and multiculturism in the Island being on the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa.


Modern Day Commercial and Residential Property Construction


The modern day building industry, with the availability of various different types of building material and modern know-how through the extremely well educated Architects and Engineers (registered members of the Technical and Scientific Council) has leaped forward and is producing well-designed and ergonomic homes for the modern day family. There is an air of freedom in the styling of dwellings which are strictly governed by planning laws controlling the expansion of residential areas and restricting commercial and other forms of developments to pre identified areas.


Foundations and superstructures are designed using the latest computer models and strictly adhering to the revised anti-earthquake regulations. They are executed with a combination of locally produced fresh concrete in batching plants, continually checked for Quality Control, and European imported high strength steel.


For the walls we use high temperature fired earth bricks and/or imported insulating and lightweight Ytong blocks. In rendering, freshly produced on site, sand/cement mixes are used. Finally factory made finish coats are applied on the final surfaces giving us a marble like base for the first grade emulsion paints and textures.


For the floors there is a wide variety of materials available such as granite, marbles, porcelanato, terra cottas, mosaics, ceramic tiles, wood floors, laminate etc.


Carpentry works are done in pure wood of various types such as beech, pine, oak and maple and in synthetics such as laminates and MDF. Kitchen and bedroom cupboards are all factory produced locally or imported in kit from Europe in a variety of designs.


Important factors in the construction of a house are the electromechanical installations such as electrical works which are carried out to The Electricity Authority’s rules and plumbing works executed in high pressure plastic or copper pipes for fresh water supplies. Telephone communications are serviced by one of the best in the European Union.


Various other considerations are;

Solar water heating systems

Roof combination systems such as flat concrete roofs (or made of timber members)

Sanitary ware which is generally imported from Europe.

External works such as swimming pools (a must in Cyprus’ lovely climate)

Lush gardens


View Cyprus Dream homes own Developments


We at Alexandrou Developers, drawing from a long family history in construction (since the early 1900s), have produced some of the most well designed and attractive buildings, roads and ports on the Island. We continuously endeavour to improve our style and structures and are also one step ahead in our field with education and the study of the fine details involved in producing Dream Homes for our clients and friends through our own Construction Company of skilled workers.

We aim in offering taillor-made solutions in order to satisfy our clients needs and wants. 


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  • Agricultural land in Odou

    Ref: LAC10809
    Country: Cyprus
    City: Larnaka
    Area: Odou
    Plot size: 5352 sq.m.
    Agricultural Land:
    Price: €8,600
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  • Land for sale in Lefkara

    Ref: LAC7201
    Country: Cyprus
    City: Larnaka
    Area: Lefkara
    Plot size: 22676 sq.m
    Protection Zone:
    Price: €25,000
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  • Shop for rent in the center of Larnaca

    Ref: LAC10948
    Country: Cyprus
    City: Larnaka
    Area: Town Center
    Enclosed area: 50 sq.m (+mezzanine)
    City Center:
    Price: €600
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  • Detached house for sale off Larnaca Dhekelia road

    Ref: LAC5589
    Country: Cyprus
    City: Larnaka
    Area: Larnaca-Dhekelia Road
    Status: Ready
    Bedrooms: 3
    Enclosed area: 140 sq.m
    Plot size: 207 sq.m
    Fully Furnished:
    Price: €400,000
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