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I visited Cyprus in the past and always enjoyed my stay.  In April 2014 I decided it was time to buy my own apartment in Cyprus.
My first move was to contact a company who had an associate in Lebanon but I was not impressed by the service or the properties they had on offer.
I found Cyprus Dream Homes office on a Saturday morning while walking in Larnaca and decided to go in and speak to them.  Mrs Alexandrou impressed me immediately and I could see straight away that her attitude was very professional.  After a fifteen minute talk during which I felt she tried to understand my requirements she sent me out with a member of her staff to view 3 properties.
I felt that these properties were by far the best value for money ones I had seen during my search.  I was convinced that Mrs Alexandrou had an in-depth property market knowledge, a lot of experience and I felt that the advice and personal service I received from her and her staff was excellent.  Most importantly I felt I could trust her and her staff.  I paid a deposit on one of the 3 apartments I viewed within 2 hours of walking into Cyprus Dream Homes office.  Since then I bought a second apartment through Cyprus Dream Homes and I was so pleased with their service I recommended them to several friends and relations of mine.  They all bought properties through Cyprus Dream Homes and we all feel that we couldn’t have made better choices.
Mrs Alexandrou and her dedicated team care and look after their clients both during their property buying process and after.  We are all delighted to find that their efforts don’t stop after the sale is completed.  Cyprus Dream Homes offer advice and guidance and an open after sales service.  We feel we can rely on them.  We feel we have friends in Cyprus.
When Dr Sandy Fowler and his wife Beryl purchased a three bedroom detached house in the traditional village of Anafotia, it was the first home they had bought in 25 years and their first in Cyprus. 
Dr Fowler comments; “My wife and I were both long-term residents of Dubai in the Gulf, but retirement there was not an option.  I had tried retirement in México and visited Malaysia in 2007 to look at properties there, but finally opted for Cyprus.  I’d “been around the block” as the Americans say, but I was a novice in the Cyprus house market.
“On my first house-hunting visit to Cyprus in May 2007, I was seduced by some of the Internet web sites.  The result was a complete waste of a week’s visit while agents showed me what they wanted to sell me, and not what I wanted to buy.  Frustrated, I returned with my wife in October and after two weeks we still had not found what we wanted.  Returning alone to Cyprus in January 2008 I stumbled across Cyprus Dream Homes.  It was the best “trip” I ever made. 
“The team there showed me what caring and looking after clients is all about.  They walked me through every step of the house-buying procedure and I was both surprised and delighted to find that their efforts didn’t stop there.  Cyprus Dream Homes also offer an open after sales service with guidance and advice on from where to find a dentist to the right furniture shop to look at.”
The property’s previous owner, Aemon Regas, originally purchased the home through Cyprus Dream Homes in 2006.  Aemon comments: “Cyprus Dream Homes was the first agent I visited and I was so impressed with them that I didn’t consider going with anyone else, either when buying or subsequently selling my property. 
“They were extremely professional and really listened to me.  Their prime interest was meeting their client’s needs.   I was confident that with their experience, property market knowledge and marketing tools that they would achieve a quick sale for me – and they did!”
Dr Fowler concludes: “From a canny and suspicious Scotsman, I have been transformed into a believer.  My advice to anyone wishing to buy a property in Cyprus is simple.  Call Cyprus Dream Homes – you can’t do any better. 
“And if you don’t believe me – call me and I’ll tell you myself.”
When Keith and Jenny Bridger retired to Cyprus, they didn’t imagine that they would find their dream home less than 24 hours after arriving on the island and that they would be moved in within two weeks!
Jenny comments: “Our original plan had been to rent whilst we looked around for our ideal property.  However, after a friend recommended Cyprus Dream Homes to us, we decided to call in the day after we arrived.  After speaking with Christiana about the type of home we were looking for, she thought she had the perfect property for us – and she was right!
“We visited the house there and then and fell in love with it immediately.  It was exactly the type of home we wanted – a spacious two bedroom house with views of both the mountains and the sea.  We didn’t even look at any more properties!”
Keith continues: “We still can’t quite believe that everything went so quickly and so smoothly.  We were quite apprehensive but Christiana and her team really removed all the stress and pressure that so often comes with purchasing a new home – particularly when buying in a foreign country.  
“What was great about Cyprus Dream Homes was that the service didn’t stop as soon as we bought our house.  We received wonderful after-sales care which really helped us settle in.  The staff were extremely friendly and helpful and they even advised about things which didn’t concern our house, such as the best markets and local restaurants to visit.  The service we received really was fantastic.
“We decided to retire abroad as we wanted to live in a warmer climate and also because the UK was becoming very expensive to live in, with property prices becoming ridiculously high.  We had purchased and moved into our home two weeks to the day that we came over to Cyprus – a process which would have taken months back home.” 
Jenny concludes: “We chose Cyprus because, when in the army, Keith was stationed here on-and-off for five years, so we know the island well and really love it.  Larnaka was our favourite area because, unlike many other parts of the island, it wasn’t too touristy and it is very traditional whilst having all the modern shops and amenities.  We have absolutely no regrets about moving here!”
Since David Brown retired five years ago, he has purchased two properties through Cyprus Dream Homes and would never consider returning to the UK.
“I initially came to Cyprus on holiday but soon decided I wanted to move here - I was attracted by the sun, lifestyle and low taxes!  I have been here now since 2001, first renting and then purchasing a new apartment built by Cyprus Dream Homes in Larnaca three years ago. 
“I travelled all over to find out what I could about the island’s history and culture.  I quickly discovered a very friendly country which enjoys beautiful weather and where the locals are welcoming and speak English readily.  I also discovered that my money could stretch that bit further – my main needs being a good social life and travelling around (there are a surprising amount of things to see and do all across Cyprus). 
“When I first moved here I stayed in Nicosia but soon found that Larnaca was my favourite place.  It has a mix of Cypriots and other nationalities which has created a warm and friendly community.  I feel comfortable here, knowing that I am in a foreign place but also feel at home as well. Unlike many other parts of Cyprus, Larnaca is a thriving town all-year-round which, as I am living here full time, was crucial to me.
“I looked at dozens of properties but I kept coming back to Cyprus Dream Homes’ Athena Olympia.  I was very impressed by the quality of construction and also by the sense of space within the apartment – I didn’t find that in any of the other new-build or under construction homes I looked at.   
“Although I bought it simply as a place to live in, Cyprus Dream Homes advised that it would be a great investment – and it really has been.  By following their advice and buying the apartment, just three years later I have been able to purchase my new, much larger home. 
“I sold my apartment through Cyprus Dream Homes and purchased my house with them as well.  I only looked at homes with Cyprus Dream Homes; I wouldn’t have dreamed of going with anyone else.  I was always extremely impressed with their service and the advice they gave.  They made both property purchases extremely easy - they took care of everything. 
“Cyprus is now home and when I’m away I look forward to returning.  I am known, remembered and welcomed here, and that’s not often the case amid the oppressiveness and stress of what is now England.  I am enjoying my retirement in an almost stress free, very sunny environment.  I couldn’t be happier or feel luckier!”
Our family links go back to the 1970’s when a farsighted relative built a villa overlooking Coral Bay in Paphos.  Our Aunt still lives there today.
We started coming to Cyprus with thoughts of a future retirement property in the sun.  A number of locations and many developments in other parts of the Island were researched.  However, once we had visited Larnaca it soon became a clear favourite.  The advantages are; very reasonable property prices, good airport and road links, friendly, honest and helpful people with English widely spoken appealed to us.  It is a compact, easy town to get around and we love our evening strolls on the promenade in a wonderful climate.
Further research showed us that there would be considerable pension tax benefits, good health facilities, excellent communications links and no changes to our driving procedures.
The whole process of buying a quality property "off plan” was made so much easier because of the professionalism, courtesy and friendliness extended to us by Mrs. Christiana Alexandrou and all her team at Cyprus Dream Homes.  Our investment has shown excellent returns because we took her advice and bought in one of the most popular residential areas.
To anyone thinking about a similar purchase our advice would be to do your homework and deal only with experienced, qualified professionals.  For all these reasons we are happy to recommend Cyprus Dream Homes to other prospective buyers.
KEITH FRASER (retired B.A. pilot)
I chose Cyprus to buy a property because I found reasonable property prices, friendly people, warm climate and tax advantages on my pension.
DREAMHOMES were recommended by a “team” agent that I contacted in the U.K. I haven’t seen any other agent because I felt that the advice and personal service that I received from Mrs. Alexandrou and her staff was excellent. The investment has been financially sound.
Also, I felt more comfortable about my investment when I met and dealt with Mrs. Alexandrou and her staff, which made buying a property near Larnaca more attractive than elsewhere.
I chose Larnaca for several reasons like the proximity to the airport and friends in the area.
Whilst living in Cyprus (I am a British Army Officer) we often browsed at local Estate Agents. Having been let down by a widely advertised national agent we decided to compare properties with another local agent. Through word of mouth and recommendation from friends both Cypriot and British, we decided to choose Dream Homes. From the initial greeting we knew we would find our ideal property. At no time did we feel pressurized and the services we received were personal, friendly and extremely professional.
We had seen another agent before using Dream Homes. We found our ideal property through Dream Homes and therefore did not require any other agent’s services.
We would recommend to others to use established, recognized agents with knowledge of the local market. Cyprus Dream Homes have the experience, the knowledge and the contacts to offer the best professional service.
Mrs. Alexandrou inspires confidence through her team of loyal staff. The agent’s motto is: “Come in and let us find your ideal property” This certainly worked for us and we will strongly recommend Dream Homes to friends and colleagues. We are absolutely delighted with the outcome of our investment.
Larnaca’s accessibility and central location meets all our requirements. It has not been spoilt by over development like Limassol, Ayia Napa and Paphos.
The sunny climate of Cyprus was one of the reasons we chose Cyprus to buy a property. Compared to U.K. it has lower taxes and cost of living. Most of the people speak English due to historical connections to U.K.
House prices are reasonable compared to other Mediterranean countries with good prospects after joining the E.U.
We found Cyprus Dream Homes while touring the Island looking for property. We found the service to be friendly and very helpful and far better to the service provided to Purchasers by U.K. agents.
We saw several agents prior to Cyprus Dream Homes but we were not impressed by them. My tip for people coming to Cyprus would be do not rush. See a number of properties and compare locations and prices. The excellent staff of Cyprus Dream Homes will show you a variety of good value for money properties and guide you through every step thus making the whole procedure of purchasing the property very pleasant and straight forward.
Mr & Mrs PERKS
We chose Cyprus Dream homes because it was advertised in our local estate agents in England.  It was through them that we met the staff from Dream Homes who made the experience of both looking and buying our property very enjoyable.
We are also very happy with the service and quality of work. 
My wife and I would like to thank Mrs. Alexandrou and her team, in particular Stella and Sylvia, for making the selection and purchase of our new apartment and moving in process as smooth as possible.
We were originally looking for a second home in a good location for an investment, holiday home and rental potential and Cyprus Dream Homes have helped us to achieve these three aims.
We chose Cyprus Dream Homes as our agents following considerable research on the internet and the variety of properties and prices they have available on their books.  We have been very impressed by the professionalism and helpfulness of Cyprus Dream Homes.  Christiana’s team has been there to support us with every aspect of the purchase of our new apartment, from the initial inspection visit to moving in and property management.
It is worth noting that Cyprus Dream Homes is a government registered estate agent that must comply with high professional standards in order to undertake conveyancing and all aspects of the property purchase.
We chose Larnaca because of its: desirable location on the south coast with easy access to Nicosia and holiday resort locations east and west, the redevelopment of its road network which will make Larnaca a key location to live in the future with increasing property prices, its International airport and the friendliness of its people.  We have not been disappointed with our choice.
Having now moved into our new apartment we look forward to working with Cyprus Dream Homes to rent our property when we are not using it until we retire and are able to spend considerably more time in our dream home in Cyprus.
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